CARE Centre
Care Centre

BCG Centre for CARE (Counseling and Remedial Education Services)

The Gurukul CARE Centre is a facility provided for students to help them navigate their school life with ease, and to manage their age-related challenges successfully. The facility is well-equipped with professionally qualified:

  • Counselors who provide appropriate psychological services to students that address educational, social, emotional and behavioral needs, either individually or in groups.

  • Special Educators who provide specialized remedial interventions for students who encounter difficulties with learning and academic adjustment.

Working collaboratively with families, related professionals, and external agencies is integral to their role. They work proactively and responsively within the principles of a promotion, prevention and early intervention framework.

Children get the maximum benefit when a problem or difficulty is identified early. The plan for intervention helps the child learn at an early age about how to overcome or cope with his/her difficulties. This builds in them a healthy attitude, an empowered approach to life situations, and key skills for future success.

Parents can meet the CARE Coordinator for consultation and appropriate guidance for their child.