Pre Primary
preprimary section
The Pre-primary school acts as a transition between home and formal schooling. The classroom provides stimulating experiences for the child to look forward to and enjoy schooling.

Classroom Environment is planned and arranged to allow for open space and movement that is essential for students of this age group. The classroom is planned and organized to provide visual stimulation to the student.

The schedule for pre-primary students is not broken up into periods. But activities shift as per the student's attention span.

The Prep school curriculum aims to achieve all round development through:

ACTIVITIES : A variety of creative and stimulating material and structured activities are provided in the classroom, using the play way method, which is directed at growth and development of fine and gross motor coordination skills, the 3-R's, and variety of art & craft activities. Students are taken on field trips to provide first hand and experiential learning.

WORKSHEETS : Worksheets are used so that children learn to think and work independently. They provide the scope to present material to the students in a way that is interesting. Each worksheet is custom-designed to be skill based, age appropriate, and sequenced for maximum learning.