Primary Section
The Primary curriculum has a healthy mix of formal and informal education which enhances the all-round development of the child. The accent is on a process of LEARNING BY DOING. The learning process is aimed at physical, social, emotional and cognitive development i.e. all round development. The child is encouraged to participate in colloborative group tasks, thereby developing sensitivity and building team-spirit.

Activities : A variety of creative and stimulating material and structured activities are provided in the classroom. This combined with the competency method, is directed at developing skills and competencies in each subject equipping the child with a strong academic foundation. Students are taken on field trips to provide first hand and experiential learning.

Worksheets : Worksheets are used so that children learn to think and work independently. They provide the scope to present material to the students in a way that is interesting. Each worksheet is custom designed to be skill based, age appropriate and sequenced for maximum learning.