Principal's Message
Principal Message
Dear Parents,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the new academic year 2016-17! There are many exciting events that we have planned for you, and we hope to see even more participation from parents.

Let me begin with thanking you for attending the “Together for Child Safety” sessions in such large numbers. The response has been overwhelming and is only indicative of the commitment of parents and the school to safeguard our children. The new Child Protection Policy pilot project will see completion this year, and with your help and blessings, we shall institute it formally in June 2017, becoming the first school to prepare and implement such a policy. Your support and compliances with the guidelines set for interaction in school has motivated our staff, and we look forward to your encouragement always.

The Students Council of the school is introducing a new project this year – Creating a Positive School Environment. Through this project , we hope to reach out to the students body with the message of being helpful, friendly and the kind to everyone around them. We want students to stand up for their classmates and other students if they find someone being unkind or mean to them. A positive school environment will mean a happy school experience for all students. As parents you can support this project by guiding your child to develop an attitude of tolerance and acceptance, and treating everyone with respect.

After 6 years of being certified with the ISO 9001 – 2000, the school is upgrading the certification to ISO 9001 -2015 this year. Our systemhave always been reputed to be most conscious and user-friendly, and we cannot but share the credit with our students and parents. Your continuous feedback has helped us, and the letters of appreciation we receive from you and our ex-students mean a lot to us. It keeps us confident and focused on our resolve to achieve our vision and mission, assured of your constant cooperation and invaluable faith in us.

Research shows that the involvement of the parents has a direct impact on students, adjustment to school, his/her participation in activities, and his/her achievements in examinations. Students of the new Cambridge International Examination Board are showing good progress and great team work with our teachers. With the support of the CEO, the Centre for Design and Publishing, and the Dept. Of HRD, we are sure our school will achieve great heights on the global platform.

This year, we are introducing the project PACE (Personal Awareness and Care Exploartions), which combines our Career Awareness Progarm with the new “mykensho” project for classes 6 to 10. BCG has always been aware of the importance of helping students identify their unique potential and make choices for higher education that best suit their aptitude and interests, thus ensuring future of doing the work they love and achieving success in it.The PACE program is another step we have taken to provide students with opportunity for self awareness and personal development.

Lastly, our Life Skills Education and Personal Safety Educationprogram will be combined along with a Value Education program in a projhect thatwe have called GRASP (Gloabla Responsiveness and Safety Program). With modules developed by the combined efforts of our teachers, counselors, and admin, we aim to equip our students with awareness of their environment, personal response to situations , and skills that are crucial in life for health, happiness, and success.

There will always be challenges, and yet, the more we focus on possibilities, tha more our students will move forward with confidence, assured of the support from the adult in their life. With this, I once more welcome you to the new academic year, and trust that we will meet your expectations of delivering quality education, as we have always done. Thank you!

With warm regards,