Secondary Section
The secondary curriculum has a healthy mix of formal and informal education which enhances the all-round development of the child. The accent is on a process of LEARNING BY DOING. The learning process is aimed at physical, social, emotional and cognitive developing sensitivity and building team-spirit.An effort has been made to make the syllabi more futuristic and user-friendly. Rapidly changing lifestyles and the explosion of knowledge and information have been taken into consideration. In order to make the citizen of tomorrow a more concerned and able individual, the front line issues have been given due consideration in all the subjects. Some of the areas focused on are:-
  • Training for life skills
  • Communication skills
  • Environment awareness
  • Globalization and awareness of human rights
  • World Geography

Worksheets : Worksheets are used so that children learn to think and work independently. They provide the scope to present material to the students in a way that is interesting. Each worksheet is custom designed to be skill based, age appropriate and sequenced for maximum learning.