Founded in 1994, our school is a premier K-12, co-educational, English medium school recognized for its fully integrated approach to learning. Our parents have the option to choose from the Cambridge International Education curriculum from Primary to A Levels or the Maharashtra State Board curriculum.

Students are the reason for our existence and we are committed to strive continually towards student-centered learning and excellence in education. Our focus is to make schooling an enriching experience.

In our school every child matters. The Management believes that every student of the school needs to have equal opportunity, recognized for his/her strengths, and supported through difficult times.

We have a proven record of providing the best-in-the-field educational methodologies to help students discover their inner sense of inquiry. Our students develop 21st century skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and technological expertise through quality education in a dynamic learning environment.

School Logo

The Bombay Cambridge Gurukul logo symbolizes the five basic elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. They are the basic substance of all Matter, the Energy that breathes meaning into the Form it assumes. Education is the realization of this Form (the self), it’s potential to interact with the Environment (space), and to learn and grow into higher realms of Thought.

This describes the motto – ‘Be Natural Through Social For Spiritual.’

Our Mascot - Elly

Our mascot ELLY symbolises the values and virtues we desire our students to imbibe and emulate. Elly is symbolic of the wonderful combination of strength with gentleness and being majestic. Just as elephants possess a strong sense of community, we would like to see our students being sensitive and compassionate and being helpful to living beings around them. Through the characteristics of Elly, we envision our students creating a culture that is for the betterment of society with their intelligence and noble qualities!