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Advantages of Learning a Foreign Language

We live in a global village and have access to the world quickly and easily thanks to the rapid strides that technology is taking. One of the significant factors that keep the world connected is easy communication. It acts as a bridge between people from all over the globe, connecting them from the remotest corners of the world. Learning a new language thus opens the gateway to bring people and cultures closer.

If we give it a thought, we realise that being able to speak a foreign language other than English has become gainful and advantageous.Nowadays, job profiles in multinational companies require a person to speak languages other than English.Providing an exposure to children and learning a foreign language in their younger years can prove to be extremely beneficial for children in the future. And learning another linguistic can develop the personality of a child in many ways. Let’s take a look at how learning a new language can improve your child’s overall personality and performance.

Boosts Creativity:
One might wonder how learning a new language boosts creativity! When a child learns a new language, he not only learns the words and phrases, but also the culture of the people that speak the language. Knowing a second language helps a student to come up with innovative& meaningful dialogues. When your child learns about the culture, he can blend two cultures and bring about original & creative ideas.

Improves Memory:
Learning a whole new language is not an easy task. It has a lot of complexities such as etymology, rules of grammar, meaning, sentence framing, etc. and these are just a part of it, there is a lot more to learn. All these activities improve the overall functioning of the brain. The brain is put to task by understanding and absorbing the new language structure & its complexities. It plays a crucial role in improving one’s memory.

Become Smarter:
Studies have shown that multi-linguals or polyglots are essentially smarter than others. The grasping power of children increases substantially when they learn a new language. Their memory improves and they develop a larger attention span than those who know just the common ones. Children who learn a new language tend to make better decisions and are considered to be more logical & rational.

Better Command on the Primary Language:
When a child begins to learn a new language, he tends to compare this foreign language with his primary language. He will come across many new words and phrases and will search for its meaning in the basic language. This way, parlance and diction consequently improves. Learning a foreign language is especially helpful for those children who like to write or like to meet new people. Getting to understand a foreign language is a doorway to the culture and thinking of the native speakers. It makes an individual open-minded who will accept and imbibe the positive factors of various cultures. Your child will improve his self-confidence and will not be afraid to talk to new people.

So let’s make our children multilingual so that they stand out and are better fit to face the times to come!!

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