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Benefits Of Self Study

Self-study is a process wherein a child learns independently without the help of a teacher or trainer. Student uses external sources such as textbooks, notes or any other online or print source. Here, the student is his own teacher and is responsible for what s/he studies.

Self-study is an essential and crucial part of a students’ learning. When a student sits for a certain lecture, it isn’t always that he absorbs and retainswhatever has been taught in class which is why self-study is essential.

The process of self-study is based on quality rather than quantity. It doesn’t matter how long you study, what’s important is - how well you study. Besides, self-study also helps students to revise what they learnt during class hours. Self-study promotes independent learning and responsibility. Students are then able to prepare for their exams effortlessly.

What then are the various benefits of self-study and how it helps studentsto succeed.

Learning without any Constraints:
Self-study gives students a sense of freedom to decide what they should study and how to study based on their individual capacity. The student can take breaks whenever s/he feels exhausted. They can plan their schedule flexibly.

Creating a sense of Responsibility:
Self-study compels the student to make his own notes and study using them. An idea of responsibility is constructed within a student. They startbecoming responsible for what they do which in turn also helps in building character. Also the student becomes more attached to what he is studying and becomes involved in the wholesome learning process.

Easy language:
Self-study involves efforts that include - reading, understanding, creating notes and then learning them. When a student creates his/her own notes, they do it in a language that they understand. Many times the language of the textbook is difficult for students to understand and therefore they rely on their handmade notes during exams. This not only helps them in learning answers, but also strengthens their comprehension.

Builds Confidence:
Self-study is the best way to boost a child’s confidence. Self-study satisfies theneed in a student for independence.The teaching-learning process is entirely the child’s prerogative. This gives them the ability to make decisions and solve problems whenever required which in turn helps in building confidence and uplifting the child’s morale.

Score Better:
Being self- taught helps a student to score better. A healthy competition is one where a student competes with himself. Since self-study aids in better comprehension of the subject matter, it prevents one from blanking out during an examination. Students are better focused and they are well revised with the subject. All these factors contribute to scoring better marks.

Parents must try to encourage the habit of self-study in their children rather than gofor private tuitions. Self-study helps the student to correct his own mistakes and work on them. Self-learning is the best form of learning.