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Health and Lifestyle

Would you rather watch a while or walk a mile?

The first option often seems more enticing and a major chunk of the populace would be inclined to it considering that everything interesting happens in the virtual world. But, don’t we also yearn to have an athletic, muscular and lean body which other people would desire to have?

It is the dedication and the priority that we lack!

Having an adequate and disciplined lifestyle is the key to unlock the doors of having a blithe future for an individual. While people have callously neglected the necessity of having a virtuous lifestyle it has been affecting their health in an adverse manner. People - including children who’ve just surpassed the infant stages of their life - have slabs of fat hanging around their waist. What or whom to blame?

- The massive chain of fast food suppliers opening their store around every crossroads and the calorie packed burgers they provide to the population or the parents being too lenient towards their children as well as themselves. To top it all, the emergence of a ‘Netflix’ and ‘Amazon prime’ Era.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization) , 60% of the countries populace across the world has health issues which are directly related to an individual’s lifestyle. Millions of people around the globe follow an unhealthy lifestyle and are victims of general but serious problems like obesity - in some cases Type 1 Diabetes. Today wide changes have occurred in people’s life. Narcotics, alcohol, smoking materials, unhealthy diet, and stress and so on, are presentations of a substandard lifestyle, dominant in many people. New emerging technologies such as virtual communication networks are one of the reasons contributing to the defective lifestyle . It is luring in lives, leading our world to a major challenge that threatens the physical and mental health of individuals. The challenge is the misuse and overuse of technology. A quality lifestyle provides a person with multiple benefits ranging from ephemeral to perennial amount of time. Having a balanced sustenance increases his/her life period and makes invulnerable to diseases like cancer, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. To conclude, regular consumption of a well-balanced diet ensures that the body receives all the nutrients required to stay healthy and perform various bodily functions necessary to sustain life. A walk a mile will always benefit more than a ‘watch’ a while. Once you adopt the healthy lifestyle, you won’t regret the decisions. But all this won’t happen overnight, a combination of patience and discipline is the key.