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How to Create a Balance between Studies and Sports

Every child is different and each has a certain individual quality in them that distinguishes them from others. In simple words, every child is unique in his own way. You may find your child excelling in cricket but not that great in solving math problems. Or, he may be the topper of his class but a little slow in running the 100mts race.

It is a widely-accepted notion that sports are almost equally necessary for a child with his studies.Sports help in breaking down barriers and getting the child out of his cocoon. It teaches teamwork, coordination, it also teaches how to take failures positively and gives a certain sense of responsibility. But what’s important is to create a balance between studies and sports. It is all about finding that point where the scales of sports and studies are at the same level. So, how does one do that? It seems like a mammoth task. But it is not.

Know the Timetable:
It is essential to know how much time has been allotted to each, sports and studies. You should know your child’s daily routine and if there isn’t one, you need to help your child make one. Having a fixed timetable does half your job. You and your child are both aware what is given more importance and is that extra importance actually helping?

Make necessary Changes:
Having a fixed timetable allows you to make those necessary changes that create a balance. These changes should be such that one shouldn’t interfere with the other. Both sports and studies should complement each other but not hinder either one of them. Talk to your child and discuss these changes. Ask for his opinion and make sure you are on the same page.

Make the Best out of your Time:
We have a lot of time in our hands than we think we have. We just don’t realise it and end up wasting it. Sometimes it’s subconsciously and often not. The time when you’re travelling on the bus for Football practice can be effectively utilized to read notes or to go through an important chapter. You can take short naps between breaks rather than whiling away your time. These naps help rejuvenate after a tiresome cricket or any sports tournament.

Stop Procrastination:
Yes, the urge to do things an hour later or after a day, curb it. All it will do is spoil your timetable and pile you with work at the end of the day. Make sure your child completes his assignments as soon as he gets it or finishes the homework before time. This will give him time to focus on playing his favourite sport. It will not only make him finish his studies in time but also give him the satisfaction of doing both in a very effective manner.

Balance is the most important thing in life but also very difficult to achieve. It will take the combined efforts of you and your child to make it happen. And it will create a certain discipline in both your lives.

Happy Holidays Folks!