Career Guidance & Counselling


We believe that the purpose of schools goes far beyond the immediate, and hence always has in sight the realities that our students will have to face. The values and skills that our students will need to stay relevant in the future spurred us to establish the Career Guidance & Counselling Program.

Right from class 6 students are provides opportunities to explore their interests, preferences, strengths and challenges; while learning the importance of goalsetting, self-discipline, making choices and responsible decisions. Graded appropriately, at every stage students acquire the competencies and awareness required to develop a road-map to their further education and future career. Aptitude testing and vocational guidance for students of classes 9 and 10 are conducted. Students and parents are guided and supported in making career choices. Career Awareness Program (CAP) is conducted every year, where professionals from various fields are invited to interact and give first-hand information to students and parents of Class 9 & 10.