Core Values


Sensitivity is the unfolding of human potential, as awareness of self and its relationship with the environment are realized. The consciousness of giving and receiving as a natural act of responsibility is the essence of sensitivity.


Courage is defined as strength or bravery in the face of fear or pain. To be fair, to be true and to have faith in the unseen indicates a strength of character, and the courageous build character through being honest, defending what is good and right, and by caring enough to act.


Reason is the base of all human thinking and action. Reason is the quality of integrating perceptions and intellect into meaningful and objective knowledge. Reason is the ability to go beyond one’s human-ness to understand the world around us as it is.


Integrity is the quality of being whole or unified. The self of a person is made up of his / her experience, emotions, intellect and interpretations. The integration of all these to result in a learning that moves from the natural to the social to the spiritual is integrity.