Principal's Desk

Welcome to the new Academic Year!

In the new academic year, we are certain we will experience the same level of confidence from you and that you will continue to be our partners in this important task of keeping students constructively engaged and focused with their education.

Ms. Meenakshi Kilpady

Dear Students and Parents,

We, at Dr. S. Radhakrishnan International School, provide varied opportunities to our students, to learn and evolve, so that they are future-ready, competent and able to make a mark in the world. It has been our proud tradition to provide quality education to our students by following the best practices in the field of education.

We believe every child is unique, and our endeavour is to provide experiences that support each one of them to achieve their unique potential. Our methodology and practices are student-centric and designed to provide stress-free education. The learning process is stimulating, engaging and inquiry-based with the latest technology integrated in the teaching-learning process. Students learning is maximised under the guidance of our experienced and energetic teachers. They undergo extensive training periodically to upgrade their skills to meet the requirements of a dynamic curriculum.

With the world focussing on its future citizens possessing the 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity, we, in the school, are equipping our students with these essential skills through a wide range of activities including a robust Social Emotional Learning Curriculum linked to the Global Schools Program.

The energy and focus of every adult in our school is to ensure that our students are safe and happy in a caring environment especially as we begin again in the new normal, post-Covid world. We aspire to see our students as assets in the global community – optimistic, ethical and compassionate.

Welcome to a happy school!