Student Council

In School, leadership among students is considered as a serious responsibility. Student Council is a medium of generating potential leaders for society. The Council is led by the School Captain, students have an opportunity to demonstrate the quality of effective leadership, and the characteristic features of responsible studentship. Students of the secondary section are given membership to one of 4 Houses of the school – Seagulls, Albatross, Falcons, and Eagles. The student body is led by the Student Council consisting of School Captain, Sports Captain, House Captains and Asst. Captains.

Student Council 2021 – 22

School Captain

Shravani Baraskar

School Vice Captain

Ipshita Purohit

Sports Captain

Kavya Zanzmera

Sports Vice Captain

Tanishka Bhayade

House Seagulls

House Captain

Archit Kadam

House Falcons

House Captain

Jiya Barot

House Albatross

House Captain

Aditya Trivedi

House Eagles

House Captain

Priyanshi Shah